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تبرع بالنشر

وصف المشروع

dairy cow Many of the poor in different countries suffer from the narrowness of one’s hand, which increases the number of the category of the unemployed day after day. Therefore, the association is keen to provide the requirements and tools of halal earning and distribute them to the poor and needy in order to save them and provide them with a decent life, based on the words of the Prophet r: « For one of you to take his rope and bring a bundle of firewood on his back and sell it, so that God will protect his face with it is better for him than asking people: give him or prevent him.” Among the projects that fall under this category is the project of ownership of dairy cows.

تقارير المشروع

نؤمن في جمعية بصائر الخيرية بأهمية التواصل الفعال، ونتطلع إلى مشاركتكم وتفاعلكم