Winter Relief Campaign for Syrian Displaced 2018

Dec 18, 2018

The members of Basaier Charity, composed of  Mr. Majed Al Shaibani (Vice Chairman and General Manager), Mr. Salem Al Shammari (Secretary) and Mr. Mishal Al Mutairi (Member of the Board of Directors) during the period 6 - 9/12/2018, carried out the winter relief campaign for the Syrian refugees and displaced persons near the Syrian-Turkish borders. Such campaign  consists of basket of food and winter clothes distributed to number of poor and needy families in the random camps on the Syrian-Turkish borders. Also three shelters for disabled and injured persons and who are affected by Syria’s war have been visited.

The number of beneficiary families from the winter relief campaign were (1240 families and 150 orphans), where food assistance is enough for the needs of family for one month in addition to helping them with heating materials and winter clothes to overcome the cold weather in such areas. It was noted that, during the visit, the scale of the suffering of our refugee brothers in the winter in such areas in terms of the miseries of living in such area in random tents that are not suitable for habitation. These tents are from plastic without any necessities of living and there is no sufficient food, heating materials or even winter clothes to protect them from cold weather during such period.

A field trip has been organized to the disabled’s shelters and those who are affected by Syria’s war. Those persons are suffered from double injuries of hemorrhagic paralysis and limb amputation. It was noted that shelters are only a primitive role with limited facilities and simple equipment that are not suitable to accommodate the healthy people as well as the sick persons. The number of beneficiary families from  the basket of food and heating materials were (134 persons).  

It was decided in the second stage to carry out the project of relief campaign, the basket of food and the winter clothes in northern Syria. 

In view of the above and scale of the tough suffering, and for the real misery of your refugee’s brothers, they are in urgent need for your help in the second stage, "The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building, each strengthens the other." 

We ask The Lord Almighty and Exalted to accept your Alms and reward you.



Basaier Charity